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Before & After | Glamorous Tiny Bathroom Makeover Reveal

My tiny bathroom makeover was a good learning experience, lots of fun, and improved the functionality and appearance of my bathroom dramatically.

Many guests comment that I have the smallest sink they’ve ever seen. It is very, very tiny, and it couldn’t be any bigger because that bathroom is the size of a postage stamp. Many people have bigger kitchen tables!

Because it’s so small, it also makes the perfect room for my first room makeover. It wasn’t too overwhelming to take on the bathroom as my first project, and it’s more affordable that making over, say, the kitchen.


Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t dislike the bathroom before. I thought it was charming in its rustic, shabby-chic way. It just didn’t have any storage. Things were accumulating on the floor around the toilet. Just before the reno, there was so much stuff that I put a 12-pack of TP beside the toilet, and practically sat on it every time I sat on the toilet.

Here it is before.

Bathroom "before" picture.

There’s no storage. The block behind the toilet is just taking up space so you don’t hit your head on the sloped ceiling. The sink IS really small, but there’s not much I could do about that.

The paint on the walls was peeling, and above the toilet was stained with candle smoke. The shower curtain situation was functional, but odd.


I really wanted the bathroom to be a little more functional, but I also wanted it to feel glamorous. The entire thing was inspired by these beautiful tiles by London Encaustic, that didn’t even end up making it into the project because they are WAY out of my price range.

Hexagonal moroccan tile from London Encaustic.

My original plan, after seeing these tiles, was to do just a small backsplash with these tiles, and plaster the walls all white with natural lime plaster. After much tile research and deliberation, I decided to postpone the tiles and plaster and just go with paint until I can afford the tiles of my dreams. And I thought, since I’m painting, I should have fun with bold colours while I can.

Here are a couple more images that inspired me. I really like dark teal with gold and copper accents.

Dark teal room with gold bar cart and string lights.
Bathroom with dark teal vanity and gold accents.

Drumroll please  . . .  The bathroom makeover is finished!

Bathroom makeover "after" photo.

The Custom Woodwork

Although I’m really excited about the aesthetic, the most important change is the increase of storage. I hired a local carpenter, Dominic Watson-Wall at Oxherder, to rebuild the block behind the toilet so it could be more useful. My favourite part is the toilet paper caddy. It slides on a rail under the ledge, and holds 15 rolls of TP, keeping them out of the way, but easy to access. Dominic even added a new corner on the baseboard, so that when the caddy is “docked” it’s not just floating there. It slides on little casters inside an aluminum channel attached to the underside of the ledge.

Sliding toilet paper storage.

I also wanted to hide the kitty litter behind the toilet, and still be able to clean it easily. Dominic made a rolling tray for the litter so I can pull it out to clean it, and the new shelf behind the bathtub is hinged for even easier access. And that shelf continues to the right, into the box behind the toilet, giving me lots of space for my less Instagram-worthy toiletries.

Custom woodwork behind the bathtub.

The near half of the grey shelf behind the tub flips up for easy access to the storage space below.

Hidden shelf behind toilet.

Dominic also had the excellent idea to put a hidden shelf behind the toilet. It’s above, but separated from, the kitty litter.

The Colours

For the wainscoting, walls and floor, I used Benjamin Moore paint. The wainscoting and walls are Aura Semi-Gloss, and the floor is Floor & Patio.

The colours are:

  • Underwater Cave
  • Wrought Iron (dark grey)
  • Storm (light grey, floor)

Underwater Cave is from a SICO swatch that I had been set on for a long time, and Benjamin Moore were able to mix it for me. Wrought Iron and Storm were just chosen on the spot at the paint store. (Funny story: I just picked Storm because I thought it was the best match for kitty litter, so it wouldn’t show up so much if Dinah tracks it around.)

They look waaaay different on the walls than they do on the paint website. Also, semi-gloss changes everything. The woman at the paint store was surprised that I chose semi-gloss for the upper part of the wall, because one would usually use eggshell or matte, but I thought that it’s such a small space that some shine would lighten it a bit. I’m happy with the shine aspect, but I was actually aiming for a darker bathroom.

Collage of the paint colours I used.

I also went to town with Rustoleum Metallic Gold spray paint. As I like to say “When you have a can of gold spray paint, everything looks like a nail.” I painted the top of the broom handle, the toilet paper dispenser, a candle holder, my toothbrush holder, the plunger (cuz why not?), and the lamp. Because I couldn’t use a spray for everything (sigh), I also used gold craft paint and Liquitex Basics gold acrylic paint.

The Shower Curtain Rod

In my opinion, one of the coolest new features is the shower curtain rod. The sloped ceiling above the bathtub presents a design challenge. I can’t just install a regular curtain rod, and it’s a tub, not a shower stall, so I also need curtain on the far side. The previous curtain situation was functional, and was nice when it was clean, but the curtains were white cotton and they got moldy very quickly. They were cut to match the slope of the ceiling, attached by strings to cup hooks. Personally, I kind of liked the old ones, nevertheless, I wish you could have seen the old ones so you can truly appreciate the contrast.

Close-up of the copper pipe shower curtain rod. Close-up of the copper pipe shower curtain rod.

This custom made curtain rod fits the space perfectly. I made it out of half-inch copper pipe, and I even made matching shower curtain rings from copper wire.

Handmade shower curtain rings to match the copper curtain rod.

The Decor

Custom painted broom and dustpan set.

Keeping the kitty litter tidy is a top priority so I have to make it easy for myself. I painted this cute standing broom and dustpan set to blend in with the woodwork.

Hive678 bathroom makeover details.

Some other details include the gold leg under the sink, the gold toilet paper holder, a tiny orchid that looks great against the teal walls, and a new light fixture.

Little vintage bottles on the ledge beside the bathtub.

What do you think? Wouldn’t you love to take a candlelit bath in this glamorous bathroom?


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