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Parantha Party with AirBnB Guest

Last month I had a guest from Delhi, India, who stayed with me for four days, during which we cooked together and he showed me how to make some Indian dishes. One evening he show my friends and I how to make paranthas, a stuffed flatbread, and we made them for a few of my friends.

I host a lot of AirBnB guests and meet a lot of interesting people. Unfortunately many guests are really busy with their tourist agenda and I hardly get to meet them, but once in a while, I have a chance to interact with a guest, and it’s often one of those things that makes AirBnB so special. I wanted to share this fun guest experience, and also show you the process of making parathas, because I took a lot of photos!

Last month, I hosted Yadav, a man from Delhi who stayed with me for four days. He was very friendly, and liked to cook, so much so that he showed me how to make some Indian dishes, and even made a feast of aloo paranthas ( or parathas) and upma for me and my friends. What are paranthas? They’re a delicious Indian flatbread that are stuffed with various ingredients. Yadav said that paranthas are like pizza in that you can use whatever ingredients you have – you can stuff them with whatever you want. Aloo (potato) is a popular stuffing.

You have to make dough and stuffing, then roll out the dough, make little parantha packets, roll out the packets, and then fry them in oil. It is labour intensive, but it’s easy if you have a group. Our stuffing was made with lightly mashed potatoes mixed with chopped onion, and I think a bit of kale.

mixing aloo paratha dough

First mix the dough. No yeast is needed, just flour and water. This is before it’s finished. It’s too crumbly in this picture. Yadav also added a grated parsnip, and ajwain seeds to the dough.

The dough just gets beaten down until it comes together. Yadav said it’s all about using your knuckles. In the foreground there are some snacks I bought from the Indian grocery store for us to munch on while we cooked. They’re like spicy Hickory Sticks with peanuts.

beating down dough for parathas

This is Oshean beating down the dough.

The next step is rolling out the dough, using lots of flour to keep it from sticking.

After you’ve rolled a circle of dough, you stuff it with a little pile of potato mix, make a little packet and roll that, making sure to roll the edges thin enough. Here’s a video.

I don’t have the exact recipes, because he just knew them by heart, but here’s an approximation I found online at Manjula’s Kitchen. We used oil instead of butter because my friends and I eat plant-based, and Yadav added ajwain seeds and grated parsnip to the dough, but other than that, I think this recipe is pretty similar. Enjoy!


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