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DIY Triple Compost Bin – Easy and Dirt Cheap

The yard has a big garden, and previously had a mound of compost at the back of the yard. The compost pile needed to be cleared to make space for the tiny house, so I needed another place to put compost. We had to build something quickly, before the tiny house arrived, and it had to be inexpensive, and able to be built with mostly scrap materials.

Although our municipality has a centralized compost facility with regular pickup, it seems like a waste to give away all those valuable nutrients. I’d much rather replenish my own soil!

DIY triple compost bin with hand lettered signs, and fluffy cat, Dinah, sitting on top.

After some (fairly superficial) research online, I decided on this one from Homestead and Prepper.

I chose it because:

  • it had clear instructions with dimensions
  • the specifications didn’t seem so critical that we couldn’t substitute scrap materials
  • it looked quick and easy to build

Believe it or not, I’ve always wanted one of these triple compost bins, so I was pretty excited to have help building one.

Jessie and Priyanka screwing together the pieces of the compost bin.

There are more thorough directions at Homestead and Prepper, but we built ours with salvaged pallets, and lumber we had lying around, so it’s a little different. It’s an easy, adaptable plan. The only things we had to buy were the hardware cloth, and the nuts and bolts.

Basically, we were just building a frame, and the hardware cloth provides the back, sides and partitions, so this design uses a lot less wood than some other designs. The front is wood slats that are removable for when it comes time to empty the compost.

How to Use It

The common way to use a triple compost bin is to keep cover material in the middle, and use one side per year. Then each side gets an extra year to compost while you fill the other side. There is a lot more science that goes into composting, though. The ratio of materials is important, as is mixing it up, but I’m not an expert in that area and I wouldn’t want to give you the wrong information.

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