About Hive678 – Hive 678


This is

Built in 1869, Hive678 is a Georgian cottage
typical of Haligonian vernacular architecture.
It has iconic Scottish dormers,
and is blessed with a large backyard
(for an urban area).


     In the early 2000s, it was lovingly restored by a thoughtful young couple with backgrounds in architecture and art. Planning for it to be their forever home, they carefully choose quality materials and skilled local builders, keeping and restoring some original components, and upgrading others to modern equivalents, while preserving the authentic style and feeling of an 1800s farmhouse. 

     After the couple’s lives took them elsewhere, I began renting the whole house, with the ambition of buying it someday.

I recognize this delicate, old house for the treasure it is, and endeavour to not only continue to repair and restore as necessary, but also to improve its functionality as a house in this century, for which it was not designed.

     There is also a tiny house on a trailer in the garden. My best friend, Jessie, designed and built it herself. It’s only 8’x20′, but you can do everything in there that you can in a normal house, and it actually feels surprisingly spacious. 

Jessie is now tiny-house-famous. Her tiny house has been the set of 2 comedy TV skits, she’s been interviewed many times, and she often does tours for prospective tiny house builders who want to ask her all about it. Aside from tiny house life, Jessie is a swing dance teacher, programmer, webmaster, and Tibetan translator.
There is one other resident, without whom this About page would not be complete. Dinah is my co-host, and the resident purveyor of fluffs and snuggles. She’s as smooth as her namesake Dinah Washington’s voice, and she is an accomplished vocalist herself of cute noises and purrs. Her Tibetan name, Tame Sobkyi, means “Endless Fluffy Joy.”


In addition to the three residents, and guests, there are some frequent visitors and collaborators who help with various projects, and make Hive678 feel like a hub for a community of friends and neighbours. Below are some of the people who have contributed in different ways. 

Dan Corbett headshot

Dan Corbett

Dan is a baker by trade, a woodworker by opportunity, and a trombone player by training. If you’re looking for delicious vegan baked goods, or attractive custom shelving, call Dan to realize your pine or pastry dreams.

Dominic Watson Wall headshot

Dominic Watson-Wall

One of the few woodworkers in Halifax with experience in natural construction, Dominic does small, custom projects that draw on his woodworking talents, astute design aesthetic, and knowledge of earth-based materials and finishes, for ecologically considered and beautiful results. 


Josée-Ann Cloutier headshot

Josée-Ann Cloutier

An expert in thermal therapies, Josée combines steam baths, aromatherapy, cooling, massage, and social connection for a holistic, restorative experience. Hive678 hosted her steam bath for a while, and now she is more mobile, and does spa design consulting for the School of Architecture at Dalhousie.

If you’re interested in collaborating with anyone featured on this blog, use the Contact Form here, and Hive678 will forward the message.